Richmondshire District Council

Use this form to report:

  • If you have witnessed fly-tipping
  • If you have discovered fly-tipped waste 


Issues not dealt with in this form

What happens next?

We treat fly-tipping very seriously and will prosecute anyone caught fly-tipping waste.

We keep the source of information confidential and use the information provided to ensure we have the best chance of catching the fly-tippers.

Fly-tipping issues reported to us will be visited by a council officer within seven days of the report being received.

What you’ll need to provide

  • Your details (optional)
  • Location details of the fly-tip


If you have witnessed the fly-tip, details which would help us includes:

  • Description or details of the person or persons involved
  • Vehicle registration number involved
  • Date and approximate time the fly-tipping incident occurred
  • Details of the type of waste involved

Your privacy

The information you provide on this application form will be used to facilitate your Fly-tipping report. The information will only be disclosed to individuals in the Council who require it to complete your request. Please be aware that your information may be passed to the Council’s Counter Fraud Service and/or the Police if we suspect any fraudulent activity. For more information about how we use your personal data please see the Council’s Privacy Notice on its website.